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Style inspiration, fashion finds, noteworthy discoveries in wellness and more from Tanesha Awasthi.

Who is Tanesha Awasthi?

TA is a digital creative and fashion designer, best known for founding GIRL WITH CURVES, an award-winning style blog and lifestyle destination turned clothing line, founded in 2011.

Note from Tanesha

Hi and thanks so much for stopping by!

I’m a fashion girl over 40 with an affinity for real talk and all things wellness, forever on a journey of self-acceptance, always in search of amazing clothes and accessories.

Fashion is something I’ve always been passionate about, but it isn’t an easy hobby to have as a curvy size 14. Being almost every size between a 4 and an 18, I’ve struggled with self-esteem most of my life and have built a career around sharing my personal struggles with self-acceptance and constant search of clothes that fit and flatter.

When I started GIRL WITH CURVES over a decade ago, I simply needed a creative space to express myself; a way to drown out my inner voice, constantly screaming at me about all the things I didn’t like about myself.

What I realizes through over a decade of candid conversations with women from all over the world, is that we all experience the same struggle to accept ourselves as we are, regardless of our size or stage in life.

My mission is to empower women to feel amazing at any size and any stage in life.

This newsletter is an evolving space where I’ll be sharing style inspiration, noteworthy fashion finds, wellness discoveries, thoughts on confidence, self-acceptance and more.

Whether I’m obsessing over a particular trend, embarking on a new journey of self-discovery or simply want to share something happening in my life, you’ll be the first to know.


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Style tips, noteworthy fashion finds, discoveries in wellness and more, from award-winning blogger and designer Tanesha Awasthi.


After founding Girl With Curves (an award-winning blog turned clothing line) over a decade ago, I'm venturing into your inbox with style inspiration, fashion guidance, discussions on self-acceptance, my pursuit of wellness and more.